My Story

Welcome to my website! My name is Crystal, and I am a licensed cosmetologist working here in beautiful downtown Bend. I am constantly learning and keeping up with all the latest trends and treatments in cosmetology, and I’m looking forward to working with every client to help them figure out exactly what they want, and strive to give it to them!

I am a licensed cosmetologist, my goal is to listen carefully and communicate. I  work in the heart of the beautiful downtown bend Oregon.

So, ever been to a hairdresser and you give them instructions on your idea of what you have in mind and when the service is done it is not at all what you had described? 

Well, I too know this feeling, also the frustration of being unfamiliar with the hairstylist lingo as well. I would really want my hair super blonde but was always afraid how to answer when the hairstylist would ask, do you want it warm, ashy or on the more neutral side? So I would say I’m not sure and then respond with well I think ashy. The hairstylist’s response back would be ok so then you want platinum blonde? My imagination then would think of white hair! So, I would say no. In reality ashy isn’t just platinum blonde hair, it is a tone of blonde. There is a range that hairdressers go by, this range is a level 1 being black to level 10 being the most lightest blonde. An ashy tone could be in all 10 of these!! So you see the confusion in ones protection of reality opposed to another’s. 

I believe it is my responsibility to kindly share the knowledge I have learned what better way to be in this business when I can see the struggle I had and in return be able to give the; Each one, teach one, aspect of life.      

Luckily for my clientele, I am a strong believer in never attaining enough knowledge in this field. I am always continuing my education and keeping up with the new trends. Especially with haircuts; there are so many new theories and ways to cut hair that are always being added. 

I have always been interested in cosmetology. I  would watch my hairstylist weave my hair and think I can do that. Naturally, of course, my younger sister would be my selected volunteer. As I continued to do her hair my friends would ask if I would do there’s. At this time in my life I was a painter; doing interior and exterior homes. I had decided my husband had seen enough people’s heads in my kitchen sink and it was time to take this to a more professional level.