Lash Lifts

Some of us are gifted with natural curl and lifted lashes. And there are some that are not that fortunate. Thankfully just as if I were to curl your hair with perm rods, this is essentially the same with our lash. Using a rubber rod placed on your lash lid, the lashes are brushed up on the rod and glued in place while the product is put on.  The service takes about 1 hour altogether. 


Using Olaplex with my product to keep the integrity of the hair, there are options from a partial highlight which includes half of the head. Or a full weave which is highlighting the whole head. 


Using Olaplex this is an easier way to brighten up the hair and less maintenance. There are varieties with this look anywhere from a shadow root balayage to a brighter root balayage. A shadow root balayage consists of darkening the roots with color and it melting into blonde. If the roots are dark already you can just have the blonde placed on the mids to ends of your hair. A brighter balayage is the blonde is placed closer to your roots and typically more blonde.

Deep Conditioning

Anything from the sun to everyday wear on your hair the protein breaks down and loss of moisture begins to happen. Depending on the hair I will use a penetrating moisturizer on the hair. This will go beyond the cuticle of the hair shaft and into the cortex. Unlike any other hair mask or moisturizer. If the hair looks brittle or split I will use a protein hair treatment. This will penetrate beyond the cuticle and into the cortex. 

I start by using a clarifying shampoo to wash away any minerals or buildup in the hair. Then place the treatment on the hair. This stays on for ten minutes and then sprayed with a ph-balanced spray to restore the ph back at its 4.5 to 5.5.  

Wash & Style

First washed with clarifying shampoo then washed with a shampoo depending on what the hair needs. Blow-dried and styled at your request

Kids’ Cuts

As a previous preschool teacher and a mother. I understand the worries of hoping the hairdresser has patience with my child. I adore children and give them the option to sit on the parent’s lap if needed. 

Men’s Cuts

This intends the use of either clippers or shears depending on the cut. Clean up around the neck and shampoo and hot towel.

Matted Hair

Using special brushes and combing the hair with a “special” product to break the knots. Price varies by hour 

Women’s Cut & Color

With coloring the hair I ask for a picture of your hair now and what you want. This gives me the time and formula I will use. Womens’ cuts vary for all hair types. Im here to help and listen to strive to give you the best results

Root Touchups

For grey coverage I use redken, color fusion. This color line has designed color specifically for grey coverage. If you have very stubborn resistant grey hair I have very good outcomes with handling that.


Layering hair can either give you a thicker look or a thinner look. Layered haircuts can also be very shelf looking. I like to blend all my layers so it is textured through the hair rather then a blunt shelf look.

Brow Waxing

I use an all purpose soft wax.If you use retinol or accutane please do not wax. If at all the case of someone using these products I will tweeze. Eyebrow waxing consists of shaping and cleaning up the brow. 


If you use retinol or accutane, please do not wax. Using all purpose soft wax and cleaning up the lip.


If you use retinol or accutane please do not wax. Using soft wax cleaning up eyebrow, lip,chin and cheeks


With a facial, this line has every type of product for dry skin, oily skin, aging skin, and sensitive skin. Exfoliating using the product that the client’s skin would require.Cleansing products that penetrate into the skin giving it the moisture it needs or the antibacterial it needs. Mask’s for all skin types and left on for 5 to 10 minutes along with a hand soothing warmer.


Well working skin care line. They”re the best in the business, and have a real passion for taking care of your skin. Your best-looking skin starts with healthy skin, and healthy skin starts with a Dermalogica professional skin therapist. 


Redken product shades EQ is very easy on the hair. Shades EQ is redken toners. Color fushion products have great color line having less bleeding and fading. 


Schwarzkopf blonde me Lightner is absolutely amazing for highlighting balayage and any other kind of lightning service. It has been the best I personally have experienced for the hairs integrity. 


This stuff I call magic in a bottle. Olaplex has shampoo and conditioner product as well. This is my go-to stuff for my own hair. Using their oil for the bleach makes the hairs integrity even better. Then after the blowout, I  use there bonding oil for the heat protectant.